Creating a website

Let me show what is needed for creating a website. Follow me through the process step by step.  

0. Hosting and domain

If you have hosting provider and somain, you can skip this step. PHP 7.xx version is strongly recommended on your host.
Your domian will be the adress of your new website. ( the contents of your site will be stored on your storage. There are tons of hosting providers, you can select. I recommend read some articles about hosting providers, and compare them which is the best for you. OR You can choose me, of course. 😉 In that case your website will be stored on a modern and managed hosting.

Our premium managed hosting offers automatic updates, backups and more for a very friendly monthly price!

  • Process of your new website: 0% 0%

1. Consultation

So, you were lucky, the needed domain wasn’ occupied and the hosting was choosen. Moreover, you’ve decided you want me to build your new website. First of all we have to discuss what do you need exactly, what is in your imagination. What kinds of functions are needed for you.  After that I send you a detailed offer and if it is acceptable for you, we can start the work. We must work closely together together to provide the good result. 

  • Process of your new website: 20% 20%

2. Basics

We have discussed tha basics, I start build the fundations of your new website. I go through the basic settings and make the sites and the menus. 

  • Process of your new website: 40% 40%

3. Uploading the contents

In this step you can reach your new website on a subdomain of mine. You can reach it anytime from now. I upload the images and text contents. I set up colors, links, emails, forms everything to its own place. 

  • Process of your bew website: 60% 60%

4. Fine tuning

I work on your website contiuonusly. You can check it anytime and let me know if you want something differently. We work together from here! When everything is done I upload the whole website to your storage and domain and I  write the invoice. 

  • Process of your new website 80% 80%

5. Handover

I give your new website with the admin panel and I will show you tha basics. After that you can edit every contents. The website is jointly tested to ensure that all functions work properly. 🙂

  • Process of your new website 100% 100%

Consultation or Request

Free consultation via email or phone.